A+ Article – What’s in your desk

This week, Mrs McShane spoke with A+ magazine in their regular feature ‘What’s on your desk’, offering an insight in to our Headmistress.

Tidy or organised chaos?
I often dream of being one of those super-organised people – you know the ones – everything has a place, everything in its place.

What is the one thing in or on your desk that you couldn’t function without?
A sparking geode. After the summer holiday a child I taught came to me clutching this precious thing. Her mother later told me that she had bartered for it in the market determined to secure this object for me because she knew I would love it.

Tell us about the five most important items in or on your desk and why they are important to you?

There is the cactus garden with small garden cats roaming through it. I invite the preschool children to help me count the kittens.

The plant in the corner with the sign that says ‘Thank you for helping us grow’, a parting gift when I left my previous school.

The roughly made initials AM with googly eyes, in case I forget who I am.

The enormous shell, picked up from a beach somewhere exotic and presented to me with great pride.

The wooden block painted with ‘Don’t just fly, soar’ given to me as a result of me always saying to pupils – “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” (Paul Brandt)

Is your desk your haven or your purgatory?

While we hope that, as teachers, we will touch lives; we must also acknowledge that these children touch our hearts.

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